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Down Syndrome

Kurt Kondrich is the father of a daughter who has Down Syndrome.
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This page will attempt to provide the reader with inspirational stories about families who are affected by Down syndrome and provide resources for those who need them. Further, we need to examine why the abortion culture seems intent on eliminating the victims of Down syndrome rather than improving the lives of those afflicted the condition.

Archbishop Chaput talks about Abortion of Down Syndrome Babies

Community Resources in Northeast PA

St. Joseph's Center, Scranton, PA
St. Joseph's Center has served special needs children and adults since the 1950's. Here is a brief description of some of the services offered at St. Joseph's Center, Scranton, PA.

Residential Services
St. Joseph's is deeply committed to providing the highest quality services to these most vulnerable people who have been entrusted into its care. St. Joseph's Center provides year-round residential programming 24 hours a day by three shifts of staff. Recognizing that achieving one’s maximum potential requires both appropriate treatment and emotional support, St. Joseph's encourages and welcomes family and friends to visit.

Family Support Services were initiated over a quarter of a century ago in order to bridge the gap between the choices of doing it all alone and resorting to out-of-home placement. By offering in-home assistance, St. Joseph's was hoping to alleviate some of the daily stresses very dedicated parents and siblings encountered while caring for a family member who is developmentally delayed.
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Down Syndrome Internet Resources

Please take time to read the blog Stop Aborting Down Syndrome Infants Now an excellent blog by Kurt Kondrich, the father of a child who has Down syndrome. It contains many interesting artices. Here is Mr. Kondrich's biography and the reason for his blog.

"I am the father of a beautiful daughter who has Down Syndrome, and she has been a priceless Blessing to our family and community. When I became aware of the 90+% abortion rate for children diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb, I literally could not sleep at night. In early August 2008 I had a disturbing dream about people with disabilities being exterminated, and it woke me up at 2:15AM. After praying I came up with the name SADSIN (Stop Aborting Down Syndrome Individuals Now). I have since embarked on a mission to make sure people are aware of this genocide. I want people to see the beautiful faces of our kids and realize the priceless Blessings and Gifts they are to a society that has lost focus. Please take time to read my stories, and I would love your feedback."

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